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What we Do.

Illuminate new paths. Connect culture to strategy. Energise the team. Build brands. Win with retailers. .


Strategy and Culture 

We rewire your organisation by connecting these two critical circuits  - putting the focus on delivery of results.



Reach your Consumers

Engage your Shoppers

Win with Retailers


Strategy and Culture Superconductor

The Strategy and Culture Superconductor is based on the principle that

in order to fully unleash your Organisations Energy, 

 your Strategy and Culture need to be fully connected  - and well Led. 

The Superconductor comes in 3 (easily assembled) parts....


Audacious Strategy

Audacious Strategy considers your entire Operating Environment  - not just one or two functional areas.

Audacious Strategies are are bespoke to your Organisation  - and are designed to be executed by your Team


Brilliant Culture

Brilliant Culture is developed from  your unique Purpose and Values.

It creates genuine, deep alignment throughout the whole Organisation, and re-defines how your Team will behave.


Value-Centric Leadership

Value-Centric Leadership creates a shared sense of Ownership.

It inspires People to do their best Work, and it unleashes each persons Energy in the pursuit of that Work. 

Strategy and Culture Superconductor Part 1:
Audacious Strategy

Audacious Strategy will be helpful if you're hearing comments like....

  • 'No one knows whats happening next ' = no clear plan for Organisational Growth.

  • 'It's not my job to deliver that' = uncertainty about 'Who is delivering What and When'.

  • 'I reckon that's good enough' = Goals and Objectives are not Specific, Measurable or or Time-bound.

Why does Audacious Strategy work? 

  1. Audacious Strategy considers your entire Operating Environment  - not just one or two specialist areas.

  2. The Strategies are are bespoke to your Organisation  - and are designed to be executed by your Team

  3. Your Team will have full clarity on What they need to do, When it needs to be done by, What success looks like, and Who is responsible for delivering the Outcome.

What does my Organisation get for my investment in Audacious Strategy?  

  • Access to a proven Global Tool - SCQuARE(tm) - to build your Strategy and Execution Plans

  • Workshops with SCQuARE accredited Consultants to jointly develop your bespoke Strategy

  • A comprehensive Strategic Plan, which details exactly what needs to happen, and the steps to follow for you to achieve your Goals. 

  • An assessment of the implementation cost of the Strategy for your Organisation. 

  • Peace of Mind - knowing that everything has been considered in building the Strategic Plan.

  • Confidence - that you're on the right Path. 

Strategy and Culture Superconductor Part 2:
Brilliant Culture

Brilliant Culture will be helpful if you're hearing comments like....

  • 'That idea will never work in This Place ' = a Culture where the Team is not aligned to the Strategy.

  • 'Thats not My  Problem' = a Culture which has a lack of shared Accountability.

  • 'That's not My Fault' = a Culture which conceals the truth about the issues the Team is facing.

  • 'The Boss needs to Decide' = a Culture which promotes Status over Collaboration.

  • 'I can't wait to get out of This Place' = a Culture which promotes exclusion

Why does Brilliant Culture work? 

  1. It's based on your unique Purpose and Values.

  2. It creates genuine, deep alignment throughout the whole Organisation. 

  3. It re-defines how your Team will behave.

  4. It releases your Teams energy towards execution of your Strategy

What does my Organisation get for my investment in Brilliant Culture?  

  • Engagement, Tools and Expertise from leaders in Organisational Psychology and Design.

  • Creation of your own, unique, empowered Culture.

  • A truly committed Team - based on your unique Purpose and Values.

  • Genuine clarity, commitment, and actions towards delivering your Strategy

  • Delivery of Results in a way which is uniquely 'You'

  • An enduring Cultural Foundation which amplifies collaboration -empowering consistent growth. 

Strategy and Culture Superconductor Part 3:
Value-Centric Leadership

Value Centric Leadership will be helpful if ....

  • Micro-management is rife - and Management are working long hours. 

  • Your Leaders claim the Wins - and blame the Losses.

  • HR 's main job is Performance Management  (and your Employment Lawyer is on speed-dial).

  • Turnover and Sick Leave are at record levels. 

  • Motivation is Transactional  ('How much will you pay me to do that?').

  • You're listening to the 'Deathly Silence of Enthusiasm'.

Why does Value Centric Leadership work? 

  1. It creates a shared sense of Ownership.

  2. It Inspires People to do their best Work.

  3. It unleashes each persons Energy.

  4. It creates a Climate where each Person is motivated to commit. 

What does my Organisation get for my investment in Value Centric Leadership?  

  • Engagement, Tools and Expertise from leaders in Organisational Management, Psychology and Workplace Design.

  • Workshops with experienced and qualified Consultants to understand your Organisations specific Leadership Challenges, and uncover your own, unique Leadership Style. 

  • Collaboration with Functional Responsibilities across the Organisation.

  • Detailed and clear expectations of your unique Leadership Behaviour and Practices

  • Profiles of what your unique Leadership Style looks like in practice.

  • Coaching and Support to implement the agreed changes in Leadership Behaviour

FMCG Accelerator

The FMCG Accelerator is specifically designed to give small-to-medium FMCG businesses the expert help required to succeed in ANZ FMCG Retail. 


ANZ FMCG Retail is THE most concentrated 

FMCG market on the entire Planet.


With over 95% of all sales value going through just four Retailers*, if you're not partnering with one (or more) of the major Retail chains, growth might be a struggle. 

The FMCG Accelerator is comprised of 3 different components which help FMCG organisations grow and prosper. 


Retailer Engagement

Our Tier-1 multinational Team have over 250,000 hours of critical experience, gained through working with FMCG Retailers in ANZ and overseas. 

We bring that experience to your Brand in an affordable, mindful way, delivering the help you need. 


Digital Marketing

We know how to use Digital Marketing to help reach your

Target Audience with the right message. 

We translate 'Tech' to English, and we know which Tools will meet your Objectives - and your Budget. 


Digital Commerce

Our E-Commerce Platform works hand-in-hand with our Digital Marketing Service - gently guiding Shoppers to a margin-rich, brand-immersive purchase.

It's 100% transparent and flexible enough to fit any Products. 


FMCG Accelerator:
FMCG Retailer Engagement

Retailer Engagement will be helpful for your Organisation if ....

  • You want to enter Mainstream FMCG Retail Markets across ANZ. 

  • You're in ANZ Mainstream FMCG Retail, but you're struggling to grow profitably. 

  • The Retailer is asking for support or investment and you're not sure what to do. 

  • You want to put your list price up but you're afraid you'll get delisted. 

  • You want to evolve your Retailer Relationship from Transactional (trading) to Strategic (partnership) but you're not sure how to proceed. 

Why does Retailer Engagement work? 

  1. We have a deep understanding of how Retailers work, what they expect, and how to Win as a small-to-medium organisation.  

  2. We know the Retail Buyers KPI's, Negotiation Strategies, and what they can (and can't) promise you. 

  3. We can engage the 'whole' Retailer Team: Buying, Marketing, Supply Chain and Store Operations. 

  4. We know the law and your rights dealing with Retailers under the Food and Grocery Code of Conduct.

What does my Organisation get for my investment in Retailer Engagement?  

  • Introductions to, and dialogue with, the right Category Buyers for your Brand, at the right time. 

  • Positioning of your Brand in context of a relevant and engaging Category Growth Strategy which the Retailer is pursuing. 

  • A detailed understanding of the commercial outcome for your Organisation if the targeted course of action were to succeed.   

  • Preparation and delivery of a thorough, compelling and relevant Category Review Submission for your Brand to the Category Buyer. 

  • Management of the entire Category Review Process for your Brand - from initial scoping, through to introduction, presentation, negotiating a listing, to getting on the shelf.

  • The option for of on-going management of the retailer relationship. 

FMCG Accelerator:
FMCG Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing will be helpful for your Organisation if ....

  • You know you need to engage in Digital Marketing but you don't (really) understand how it works.

  • Your Retail Partner is asking you for an investment in Digital Marketing and you're not sure what to do. 

  • You've got a Digital Marketing Plan in place, but it's expensive, it's not working and Agency is not helping you. 

  • You've got a traditional Marketing Plan in place and you want to add a complimentary Digital Marketing Plan

Why does Digital Marketing work? 

  1. We know how to find the right Audience for your Brand in a Digital Media environment which suits FMCG.

  2. We create genuine Brand Awareness which leads into Conversion - either in-store or on-line. 

  3. We know how to work with the Retail Digital Marketing Teams - and what Retailer Marketing Tools work. 

  4. We help your Category Buyer meet their KPI's for Digital Marketing and Shopper Engagement. 

  5. We know how Digital Agencies work - and how to manage them to make sure you get outstanding value. 

What does my Organisation get for my investment in Digital Marketing?  

  • A  'plain English' explanation of Digital Marketing Tools and Strategies.

  • A meaningful conversation about your Brand with a targeted audience. 

  • Full transparency of costs, audiences, metrics and results. 

  • Development of Content as required. 

  • The tools to adjust your campaigns 'on-the-fly' if needed. 

  • Full alignment with your complimentary marketing and promotional initiative's. 


FMCG Accelerator:
FMCG Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce  will be helpful for your Organisation if ....

  • You want to leverage your investment in Digital Marketing to grow your Sales. 

  • You're ranged in ANZ Mainstream FMCG Retail, but you want to improve your Margin Mix.

  • You've got a range of Products which you want to sell, and are not listed in the Mainstream FMCG Retailers. 

  • You want to develop a stronger direct relationship with your Shoppers and Consumers.  

Why does Digital Commerce work? 

  1. We know how to take Shoppers from a Digital Marketing Campaign through to a direct Commerce purchase. 

  2. We know how to set up your E-Commerce site so it is complimentary to your existing Website and Social Media Accounts - and doesn't directly compete with your Mainstream Retail Offer. 

  3. We help you arrange  efficient and cost-effective fulfilment of the E-Commerce sale direct to the Shopper. 

  4. We show you how to track the E-Commerce purchase Journey - so you can react and adjust quickly. 

What does my Organisation get for my investment in Digital Commerce ?  

  • A detailed recommendation for your Commerce site and fulfilment method, based on your unique Brand, Range Retailer listings and aspirations. 

  • Full and transparent build cost, resource requirements, and implementation timeline. 

  • A activaiton plan to drive your share of Shopper spend across your Digital 

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