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Welcome to Lightswitch Consulting 

Connecting you to growth.

What we do.

We're a team of like-minded professionals, who know that every organisation has it's own energy.

Success is determined by how that energy is directed.

We help our clients rewire their organisations unique energy into the areas which create growth.

We also illuminate new paths to growth, by better connecting the critical circuits which positively empower your Team. 


We can do this because we align global best-practice to your entrepreneurial vision - creating outstanding organisations who thrive in any environment. 


Strategy and Culture 

Unleash the energy in your organisation by connecting these two critical circuits  - and put the focus on delivery of results in the right way.



Reach your Consumers

Engage your Shoppers

Win with Retailers


Strategy and Culture Superconductor

The Strategy and Culture Superconductor is based on the principle that

in order to fully unleash your organisations energy, 

 your strategy and culture need to be fully connected  - and then well led. 

The Superconductor comes in 3 (easily assembled) parts....


Audacious Strategy

Audacious Strategy considers your entire Operating Environment  - not just one or two functional areas.

Audacious Strategies are are bespoke to your Organisation  - and are designed to be executed by your Team


Brilliant Culture

Brilliant Culture is developed from  your unique Purpose and Values.

It creates genuine, deep alignment throughout the whole Organisation, and re-defines how your Team will behave.


Value-Centric Leadership

Value-Centric Leadership creates a shared sense of Ownership.

It inspires People to do their best work, and it unleashes each persons energy in the pursuit of that work. 

The Strategy and Culture Superconductor Circuit

The Strategy and Culture Superconductor Circuit.png

Audacious Strategy

Brilliant Culture

Value-Centric Leadership

FMCG Accelerator

The FMCG Accelerator is specifically designed to give FMCG brands the expert help required to succeed in ANZ FMCG Retail. 


ANZ FMCG Retail is THE most concentrated 

FMCG market on the entire Planet.

With over 95% of all sales value going through just four Retailers*, if you're not partnering with one (or more) of the major retail chains in ANZ, finding growth might be a struggle. 

We know how FMCG Retailers work.

We help our clients 'speak retail' - increasing their visibility and results in complex, busy, and very demanding retail customers. 

The FMCG Accelerator is comprised of 3 components, which are designed to help FMCG brands grow and prosper. 


Retailer Engagement

Our Tier-1 multinational Team have over 200,000 hours of critical experience in Sales, Marketing, and Category Management, gained through working closely with FMCG Retailers in ANZ and overseas. 

We bring all of that experience to your Brand in an affordable, mindful way, delivering the all help you need  - when you need it. 


Digital Marketing

We know how to use the right Digital Marketing tools to reach your Target Audience with the right message. 


We 'translate tech' helping you decipher the often confusing world of digital and social marketing.


Our digital marketing strategies meet your objectives, gain traction with Retailers, and suit your budget. 


Digital Commerce

Our E-Commerce Platform works hand-in-hand with our Digital Marketing Service - gently guiding Shoppers to a margin-rich, brand-immersive purchase.


It's 100% transparent, flexible enough to fit any existing websites and digital platforms, and cost-effective. 

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Level 6, 201 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

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