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Welcome to Lightswitch Consulting 

Connecting you to Growth

Illuminate new paths. Connect culture to strategy. Energise the team. Build brands. Win with retailers. .


What we Believe

'We know that boldly stepping out in the pursuit of something better can be unsettling.

It's an audacious move. 

It takes courage - and we respect that.

In order to succeed, you need to make new connections. Learn new ways of working.

Discover different ideas.

Find out how to be better than before. 

We're here to help. 

Our goal is simply to help courageous people, teams and organisations achieve their unique, audacious, best’ 

Lightswitch Consulting

We're a team of like-minded deeply experienced professionals, who know that every organisation has their own unique energy.

How that energy is used determines success.

We help you direct your organisations unique energy into the areas which drive growth. 

We illuminate new paths,
giving you more options to grow.

We also show you ways to amplify the energy in your organisation, by better connecting the critical circuits which empower your team. 

'Courage and


The essence of our beliefs. 


Vision. Fear. Guts.

Self Belief. Persistence.


(And a decent chunk of Hustle)

'Stepping away from the

normal, everyday, accepted

’way of doing things’.

An instinctive, visceral drive to be



It's how we work and what we do.


Everything starts and ends with


An organisations energy source is it's


Each organisation is co-dependent with their



To grow, organisations need to



Organisations only operate with a

Social License. 

Our Values guide
our Behaviours

Contact Us

Level 6, 201 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Thanks for your message - we'll be in touch soon!

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